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Exploring Guatemala

Guatemala is a vibrant, bright and fun place to explore. At Unavita, we offer a 5 day adventure here with an overnight climb of Acatenango. Currently, I’m here scouting the area for more cool stuff and gathering more photos and videos for marketing. Learn more about the trip at 

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Tomorrow somewhere new

Full time travel and the idea of selling everything and road tripping the rest of your days is't for everyone. And it might not have to be. Peter and Jessa took the ultimate plunge. One that we all want to take but might be a bit apprehensive of. Even though it might not be in the cards for all of us we can all take a lesson or two from what they do.

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Having Fun and Learning Outside

When I was growing up we spent 90% of our time outside. Exploring, building and just playing on and around everything we could. Our imaginations ran wild as we created our own entertainment instead of relying on TV and the Internet to keep us occupied. It's too easy these days to get in the habbit of movies, tv and video games to keep kids busy.

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