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See how far you can go with Kayak.com/explore

Find out how far you can go with the money you have. Kayak.com’s Explore tool allows you to dial in how much you’re willing to spend and see how far you can get!

If you’ve got that adventure bug and don’t really care where you’re headed, kayak.com/explore was made for you. Granted you can use it for a wide variety of reasons but it’s kinda cool to just see where you could go on a couple hundred dollars


First head to www.kayak.com/explore

1. Set your search parameters

There are really only 4 setting to get you exploring.

  • Where you’re flying FROM
  • When you want to go (doesn’t have to be specific)
  • How much you’re willing to pay
  • How long you’re willing to sit in a seat for

Try several departure airports or even look at flying domestically to get you to a departing location with a good price. i.e. You’re in Seattle but there is a great price from JFK to Paris.

2. Select the destination you want

When you change the search parameters you’ll see blue dots and prices start to appear on the map. You can zoom in and out to see more destinations and then mess with the search box to reveal other destinations. Additionally, you can select “Routes” in the search box and instead of a price slider you can see where flights go from the airport you’ve selected.


3. Pick a flight

After you select your destination you can then select your specific fight like usual. You can opt for the lowest price fare or scroll down to check out other airlines or options.

Kinda fun huh? I love to check back often and mess with the departure destinations and dates to see what kind of deal I can make. I’ve seen some pretty low fares and heard someone found a round trip from LAX to Santiago for less than $300. Now have fun and go explore!

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