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Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon

Over 100 years ago, two daring adventures raced from the town of Bellingham to the summit of Mt. Baker and back. The race known as the Mt. Baker Marathon was held only from 1911-1913 and them deemed too dangerous to continue. Flash forward a few years to 2017 and the race is back on.

This year the race will start and finish from the town to Concrete and back. Covering 50 miles and over 10,000ft of elevation gain, it’s no walk in the park. Always up for a challenge, I’ve joined the race and will be competing on June 4th. With my climbing background, I know the upper mountain but don’t have a lot of experience with long distance running. I’ve done some 20mile runs and had some really long days on climbs, but I think this will be a true challenge mentally and physically.

The race is about 2 weeks away now and all my training is pretty much done. From this point, just getting all the logistics in order is the goal. I’ve got a few body parts that have taken a beating from training runs that need to recover but other than that, we’re looking good.

The weather this week is great and we’re hoping that these warm temps will help melt some of the snow on the mountain. The last report we heard was that there’s snow about 2 miles downhill from where the climbing really begins. That means that the snow climbing, which will be slower, will be longer. So, we’ll see.

I plan to update things here a little more regularly so stay tuned for more on the race and on all the trips I have this summer!

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