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I should do this more

When was the last time you said to yourself “I should do this more”? I said that to myself this weekend when I was out paddleboarding just after sunrise.


We had camped out in out trailer the night before and just after sunrise I hopped out of bed and loaded up my board in the van and headed to the beach. Lucky for us it’s not that far away. Literally about 3 munites. When I arrived the water was totally calm and the air was still. There were only a few faint birds chirping in the distance but other than that, it was almost silent.

I slid my board in the water, shoved off and headed south down the island towards an area called Country Club on the east side of the island. Half way down the shore I saw a glimmer flitter across the water in a strange semi-circle. Naturally, I paddled to it and as I got closer I saw that I was on top of a huge Herring ball. Kinda cool and very mesmerizing.

After a short paddle I headed back to the beach and the van for some coffee. I’ve got a cool little pour over kit so I ground some fresh coffee and made a hot cup with my JetBoil.

The sun was shining, it was warm and everything was still totally calm. I sat down on the bulkhead, put some music on and no kidding, Keb’ Mo’ – Life is Beautiful came on. It was perfect. Why don’t I do this more?  I said. Why don’t we do those things? We all say that from time to time but we never seem to actually do them more.

Why don’t we do those things? We all say that but we never seem to actually act on it.

Maybe it’s because you can’t repeat those things. Maybe the water will never be that flat again, that Herring ball will never be the same size and that coffee, maybe it was just the perfect cup. I’m not sure. But, I know it makes me want to keep seeking that perfect moment and find that little pocket of time where just being alive is inspiring.



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