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Find out how far you can go with the money you have. Kayak.com's Explore tool allows you to dial in how much you're willing to spend and see how far you can get! If you've got that adventure bug and don't really care where you're headed, kayak.com/explore was made for you. Granted you can use it for a wide variety of reasons but it's kinda cool to just see where you could go on a couple hundred dollars HERE'S HOW IT WORKS First head

Sometimes is really pay’s off to read the fine print. Did you know you cancel or change or hold your airline ticket for FREE within 24 hours? And sometimes even longer. Let me introduce you to the Department of Transportation’s consumer rule “Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections” (14 CFR 259.5(b)(4), 76 Fed. Reg. 23110, 23166, Apr. 25, 2011). Here is a link to the actual document, but in nutshell, it says that if you make an airline reservation prior to 7 days

If Mt. Kilimanjaro isn't on your list of adventures, it needs to be. BUT, there are a few things you need to know before you go.