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Guatemala Day 3

Today I caught a ride up to San Miguel Escobar to visit with a local coffee farmer and learn more about coffee production.

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Guatemala Day 2

Exploring Antigua’s many churches and enjoying some awesome nachos. Antigua is Guatemala’s old capital and is home to ruins that date back to the 1500’s.

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Exploring Guatemala

Guatemala is a vibrant, bright and fun place to explore. At Unavita, we offer a 5 day adventure here with an overnight climb of Acatenango. Currently, I’m here scouting the area for more cool stuff and gathering more photos and videos for marketing. Learn more about the trip at 

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Choosing the best guide service

Heading to the other side of the world can be a little nerve-racking.   Yes, there have been horror stories of people going to Kilimanjaro who are stood up. A tour operator takes a clients money and is never seen again. Luckily, those are mostly stories. But, if you’re not careful you can have a far less […]

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How cold does Kilimanjaro get?

Temperatures vary considerably with altitude and time of day.  On the plains surrounding Kilimanjaro the average temperature is about 85°F.  At 10,000ft frost can be encountered at night while daytime temperatures range from 40 to 60°F.  Nighttime temperatures on the summit can be well below freezing especially with the strong winds. What is hypothermia? Hypothermia is a […]

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See how far you can go with

Find out how far you can go with the money you have.’s Explore tool allows you to dial in how much you’re willing to spend and see how far you can get! If you’ve got that adventure bug and don’t really care where you’re headed, was made for you. Granted you can use […]

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Cancel your flight FOR FREE – within 24 hours

Sometimes is really pay’s off to read the fine print. Did you know you cancel or change your airline ticket for free within 24 hours? And sometimes even longer. Let me introduce you to the Department of Transportation’s consumer rule “Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections” (14 CFR 259.5(b)(4), 76 Fed. Reg. 23110, 23166, Apr. 25, 2011). Here is […]

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Staying Safe When Taking a Taxi

When you hop in a taxi you’re taking a little bit of a risk. Here are a few tips to help keep the odds in your favor. A taxi driver can be a great resource for local information and usually more interested in getting you to your destination than doing anything fishy. Yet, things still […]

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Making your hotel room feel more like home

Making your hotel room feel a little more like home can go a long way. If you’re traveling on a budget or just had a long day, that “I wish I was in my own bed” feeling can creep in pretty fast. Especially if you have little ones, bedtime in a strange place can be hard. […]

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