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I should do this more

When was the last time you said to yourself “I should do this more”? I said that to myself this weekend when I was out paddleboarding just after sunrise.   We had camped out in out trailer the night before and just after sunrise I hopped out of bed and loaded up my board in the […]

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A lesson in failure?

I’m back home now and rested after an adventurous time up on Mt. Baker. Yesterday at this time I was trudging in the snow with a group of world class ultra marathoners wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. I had heard about a Mount Baker Marathon several years back when a neighbor of ours up at our […]

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10 travel documentaries you need to watch on Netflix

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 travel documentaries on Netflix that will satisfy your wanderlust. Living in the Seattle area means plenty of time to kill on rainy days. Although jumping in puddles outside can be fun, sitting on the couch watching one of these travel documentaries can be a pretty good idea too. 1. Departures Hands-down […]

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12 Amazing Winter Scenes

Sometimes the grey of winter can get us down and the idea of a movie sounds much better. We've collected a few of our favorite winter photos from around the web to help inspire your wanderlust in the off season. Enjoy!

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Tomorrow somewhere new

Full time travel and the idea of selling everything and road tripping the rest of your days is't for everyone. And it might not have to be. Peter and Jessa took the ultimate plunge. One that we all want to take but might be a bit apprehensive of. Even though it might not be in the cards for all of us we can all take a lesson or two from what they do.

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