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Author: Kyle

I was putting a new layer of waterproofing on my boots today and thinking about all the miles and adventure they'be been on. From crappy spring slop of the Cascades to the icy top of Mt. Rainier. They've seen it all. We'll I guess they haven't seen the REALLY bad stuff because I have a different pair of boots for winter climbs. None the less, they've seen a lot. It's funny how a piece of gear can mean so much on

Over 100 years ago, two daring adventures raced from the town of Bellingham to the summit of Mt. Baker and back. The race known as the Mt. Baker Marathon was held only from 1911-1913 and them deemed too dangerous to continue. Flash forward a few years to 2017 and the race is back on. https://vimeo.com/48052005 This year the race will start and finish from the town to Concrete and back. Covering 50 miles and over 10,000ft of elevation gain, it's no walk in the

We headed up to our families cabin today outside of Granite Falls. Max loves the cabin so he was pretty excited to hear that we were going, let alone that there was snow!! Last year Max received his own set of snow shoes so we brought them along for him to try out. He was a natural. I was worried that he might trip over them but he figured it out pretty quick. The snow was soft and dry and about 2

Mt. Kilimanjaro reaches 19,341ft into the sky. That's a long ways past where many people start to feel the effects of altitude. One of the most common questions, and fears I hear is about the altitude. Though I have personally seen both cerebral and pulmonary edema most of the time what people think they feel is all in their head. That's not to say that signs and symptoms of altitude should ever be taken lightly but a mid headache or nausea

We've put together a list of our top 10 travel documentaries on Netflix that will satisfy your wanderlust. Living in the Seattle area means plenty of time to kill on rainy days. Although jumping in puddles outside can be fun, sitting on the couch watching one of these travel documentaries can be a pretty good idea too. 1. Departures Hands-down our favorite travel show to date is Departures. Watch as Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach spend one year (to start) traveling the world discovering wild landscapes and rich cultures. Their

Temperatures vary considerably with altitude and time of day.  On the plains surrounding Kilimanjaro the average temperature is about 85°F.  At 10,000ft frost can be encountered at night while daytime temperatures range from 40 to 60°F.  Nighttime temperatures on the summit can be well below freezing especially with the strong winds. What is hypothermia? Hypothermia is a condition where the body becomes dangerously cold. It can be caused by brief exposure to extreme cold, or by prolonged exposure to mild cold. Hypothermia occurs when a